West Powelton Development Company Inc

What We Can Do For You

By revitalizing, redefining and setting new standards in real estate development, West Poweltons’s success portfolio continues to expand as it raises the bar of municipal revitalization throughout Philadelphia’s metropolitain area.


Our economic model initiates appreciation of urban communities surrounding new developments. Thus, propelling hardworking urban families into modest prosperity when using real estate values as a gauge of household wealth. A stable bridge towards the middle class… a true balance of revitalization!

Real Estate Developlment

West Powelton Development Company Inc

West Powelton Development Company is a full-service development company driven by an internal team of talented professionals whose combined breadth of experience includes all areas of real estate development & investments. Clear communication and proficient execution enable us to successfully acquire, finance, develop, market and manage the most sophisticated development projects.

Balancing gentrification and displacement with urban revitalization!